6 Food That Gives You Instant Happiness


21 Mar 16

6 Food That Gives You Instant Happiness

What do you do when you are feeling upset or need a perk me up after a draining day at work? Well, you eat. And you don’t scour your refrigerator for ingredients to prepare a bowl of salad. In fact, you look for your source of comfort – whether it’s a bag of leftover potato chips, a bar of chocolate or a gummy. The thing about these comfort foods is that the unhealthier they all, the more healing powers they possess. For the health freaks, you can go ahead and skip this article.

1. Mac & Cheese

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Image: inthekitchenwithkath.com

There is nothing more comforting than dipping into Mac and Cheese after a long day. Imagine swirling the string of cheese and dipping it into the creamy macaroni before savoring it all – the best solution to liven up your mood after a trying day at work.

2. Chicken Wings

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Image: hip2save.com

Whether if they are deep fried, grilled or barbequed, chicken wings can rarely go wrong. Plus, they are easy to prepare so you will not have to spend an entire night preparing and marinating in the kitchen before getting a chance to indulge in them.

3. Mussels

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Image: youtube.com

Mussels contain the highest sources of Vitamin B12 which can boost energy and sharpen memory in people who are deficient in this key nutrient. Did we mention that they go perfectly well with wine?

4. Sunflower Seeds

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Image: superiornutstore.com

Sunflower Seeds might be small, but they can be extremely addictive. They can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and can also fight depression. Plus, you can easily fit them into your bags for a simple mid-day treat!

5. Chocolates

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Image: scoutmagazine.ca

Most of us resort to chocolates as they are a great source of endorphins. Plus, they are often associated with the initial euphoria of falling in love. These ingenious treats can be found almost everywhere, so the next time when you are upset, just head to any convenience store and grab a pack!

6. Honey

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Image: kearneywellness.org

Although honey can be immensely sweet, it is packed with beneficial compounds that can help to reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy brain. Just drizzle a small amount into your Greek yogurt or oatmeal and they will do the trick!


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