7 Places You Never Knew Existed In Singapore


19 Mar 16

7 Places You Never Knew Existed In Singapore

Singapore may be small, but in it lays slew of fascinating places. The little red dot thrives as one of the most-visited countries in Asia, attributing that to the unlimited options of food, fun and culture waiting to be unraveled. For us Singaporeans, we may want to think that we would have explored every inch of the country by now, but what is surprising is that there are still a ton of hidden gems in our island that has never been chanced upon, and are waiting to be discovered. Here, we bring you 7 of the most hidden places in Singapore that even our parents or grandparents may not have heard of.

1. The Animal Resort

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Image: life-footsteps.blogspot.sg

Here at The Animal Resort, you can visit and interact with their little animal residents for free! The space boasts a facility that encourages hands-on education and experience making for children, with books tours and science programs that cover the topic of conversation. If you are keen on feeding the animals, there are even packages from ranging S$3-S$8 for you to choose from!

2. Punggol Ranch

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Image: backstage.tnp.sg

Punggol Ranch is one of the up and coming places in Singapore, it being a ranch and a resort at the same time. Located at Punggol End, you can expect to be treated to a quaint and serene environment with a landscape that is akin to countryside. Did you know that there is actually a pseudo fireplace in each room?!

3. Tuas South Beach

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Image: cheekiemonkie.net

Granted, you will not find a pristine beach here, but what you can expect is a quiet stretch of beach that is devoid of any crowd, buildings or busy roads – which also means you might need a car to get in. Still, it’s a perfect place for you to gather for a quiet picnic with your family, or to fly a kite at!

4. Kranji War Memorial

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Image: asiaphotostock.com

The Kranji War Memorial is a tribute to the people from the Commonwealth who passed away during the World War II. For those who have not visited this place yet, it is definitely a great way to learn more about Singapore’s history and past about the Japanese Invasion. The Singapore State Cemetery – with the gravestones of Yusof Ishak and Henry Sheares are also located nearby!

5. Sembawang Hot Springs

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Image: blog.omy.sg

Sembawang Hot Springs is Singapore’s last natural hot spring. Some people believe that spring water contains powerful medicinal properties that can treat ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis and cure skin conditions like acne. I mean, it’s surely worth a visit and a try, right?

6. Thow Kwang Industry

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Image: snapsnapeat.com

The Thow Kwang dragon kiln was built in the 1940s and used to fire ceramic products. Here, you can indulge in some hands-on pottery where you can get to create your own pots on clay-wheels before burning the pots in the kiln.

7. Lorong Buangkok

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Image: blog.sqkii.com

Many netizens would know Lorong Buangkok as the last surviving kampong in Singapore. Today, it houses no more than 16 families who live under the zinc roofs. There are scheduled for redevelopment soon so better visit them before they’re demolished!


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